• The PUSH service is not working, why?
    As of Jan 2015, the hosted PUSH service is no longer supported. Instead, every updated app is now equipped with built-in PUSH notification facilitated by background-fetch. Unfortunately the algorithm of such background-fetch is solely controlled by iOS and it will determine how often to check your emails to save battery. In other words, it takes a bit of time for iOS to learn the best pattern so it may seem the PUSH doesn't work actively at the beginning. But situation will change quickly after a couple of days when iOS learns the best pattern of your usage.
    If you haven't got any PUSH notification at all, you may need to verify the following settings:
    1.Google has recently beefed up the gmail security, it's recommended you enable 2-step verification login and create an application-specific password for iMailG. Here is the link to the official 2-step authentication tutorial , and after you got the app-specific password, put it in iMailG settings shall make the PUSH work. Another option is to turn on the "less secure app" option on your Gmail account if you really don't like the 2-step verification and want to keep it the same way like old days.
    2.Open the iOS Settings App->Notification->iMailG and make sure all options (Badges, Alerts, Sounds, View-in-lock-screen) are enabled.
    3.Tap on the "Re-activate PUSH" button at the lower-left corner of the add-ons page, and make sure you get a successful message - "Your PUSH account has been successfully updated."
    4.If you got "Invalid credential" error, then you need to look at the next FAQ for solution.
  • PUSH ERROR Code 400: [AUTHENTICATION FAILED] INVALID CREDENTIALS , or Web login needed. How to deal with these errors?

    It could be resulted from a couple of different reasons, please read the 1st paragraph of the email, which shows the source of the error. For most cases, it's due to Google is enforcing tighter security check and need you perform the following actions (aka. Unlock Captcha) to authorize 3rd-party application accessing your account to deliver PUSH notifications when new mails arrived.
    1) make sure your account has IMAP access enabled by using a computer browser to visit your gmail settings->Forward and POP/IMAP->Enable IMAP access.
    2) delete iMailG and reinstall and login with the main account that needs PUSH service.
    3) open this link https://www.google.com/accounts/UnlockCaptcha in the mobile browser on your device, and follow the instruction there.
    4) now the PUSH should be working after you close and restart the app.

  • I'm using both Gmail's 2-step-verification and iMailG's hosted PUSH service, but got error "Request failed: bad request(400)" or "Application-specific password required"?

    iMailG does support Gmail 2-step-verification since version 6.0.2. Please make sure you are using the latest version, then use a desktop browser to visit your Google Account and select "using 2-step verification", then "manage application-specific password" to generate a password there for iMailG. Once you get it, go back to iMailG->PUSH settings->2-step-verification and set the generated password in the Application-specific Password field. Finally, restart iMailG via the gear button settings->Reset & Logout.

    Please do remember to update the application-specific password if you switch to other Gmail account, or you will get the same error again.

    Also note that you should leave this field empty if you were using the private-PUSH. Because in private PUSH, the application-specific-password should be set in the corresponding igmail.ini file.

  • How to get PUSH notifications for only the emails in the Primary tab?

    Gmail's new TAB categories are not labels but we can create a filter to label them and use iMailG's unique push-by-label feature to get the proper notifications:
    1) Login to Gmail via a desktop browser, as mobile browser won't work with the following steps.
    2) Create a label named "Push2iMailG".
    3) Create a filter and enter the value "category:primary" in the "Has the words" field. Then mark the filter action to tag it with label "Push2iMailG".
    4) On the phone, open iMailG settings and change the push settings -> push by label with the label "Push2iMailG".

    That's it.
  • How to create my own signatures?

    There is a pen-tip button right above the keyboard when composing emails. Tap the pen-tip (looks like a notepad on iPad version) shall present you a list where you can add text as signautres or snippets. If tap on any text snippet, it will be inserted into the composer from where the cursor was located. You can even use HTML code in the snippet to create colorful and eye-catching signatures. However, you do need to select which one to use as it's not automatically inserted.

    Gmail mobile does provide an automatic signature, although not as powerful as the snippets. To enable it, you just need to go 1 level up from your inbox and locate a gear button at the top-right corner. Tap on it and you shall see the signature settings there. Check Gmail Blog for more details.

  • I got error "The page you requested is invalid." when trying to sign into another account, what's wrong?

    It's because you haven't enabled the multi-signin feature in your google account. Please read the next FAQ for how-to. And if it doesn't work, do wait about 5 minutes before trying again.

  • How to enable multiple accounts in iMailG?

    Use a browser to access the Google Account Chooser and add your accounts there. For more details, please visit Google Answers at https://support.google.com/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&topic=14129&answer=1691641.

    Now go back to iMailG, just sign out and re-login and you shall find the email address shown at the bottom of inbox is now enhanced with a popup menu. Simple tap on it to switch between your gmail accounts swiftly.

  • The PUSH-by-label option doesn't seem to work for priority box even after I set it to "[Gmail]/Important", what's wrong?

    Please go to your Gmail settings via a computer browser and make sure the language settings is set to English. The "[Gmail]/Important" label only exists when the language is set to English, and you may need to change it to "[Google Mail]/Important" if you are in UK. If you are using other language or having issues with it, please use an email client that's capable of browsing IMAP folders, e.g. Thunderbird, to see what the folder(label) is actually named in your Gmail account.

  • How to setup the PUSH-by-Label to monitor on multiple labels?

    You need to create a incoming email filter in Gmail settings (better via a computer browser) and make it include all the filtering conditions applied to the other labels you want to monitor, then just use this label in the PUSH-by-Label field. The PUSH-by-Label field can only take 1 label a time, do not try to put multiple labels in.

  • How can I set up the PUSH to be notified only by emails from a select group of individuals sent to me, and not other emails?
    1) Create a label "my-group" in the Desktop View or via any computer browser accessing your Gmail account.
    2) Also in desktop view, create a filter with the "From:" field set to the list of emails you would like to receive from, separated by OR and enclosed by parentheses. e.g. (ab@gmail.com OR cd@gmail.com). Then select to apply the "my-group" label automatically.
    3) Start iMailG and go to settings->PUSH add-on settings->PUSH by Label, and set the label as "my-group".
    4) Close and restart iMailG to make it work.
    5) Please visit Google Answers for more filter details.
  • How can I set up the Gmail filter so as NOT to receive PUSH notifications from centain senders?
    The push-by-label feature introduced since version 6.x gives you maximum freedom in configuration. To prevent certain senders from bugging you, e.g. mails from facebook, while still enjoy the push from other senders, you just need to:
    1) Create a label "non-facebook" in Gmail Desktop View or via any computer browser.
    2) Also in desktop view, create a filter with the "From:" field set to "-facebook" (looks like "From:-facebook") and apply the "non-facebook" label automatically. In other words, you set up a filter that tags every incoming email with the label "non-facebook". Note you don't need to skip inbox or change other existing filters.
    3) Start iMailG and go to settings->PUSH add-on settings->PUSH by Label, and set the label as "non-facebook".
    4) Close and restart iMailG to make it work.
    5) As always you can make the filter more complex to suit your own taste.
  • During in-app browsing, some links do not response to tap or click, what's wrong?
    Some web links are written in tricky javascript or special protocols that need to be handled by the native Safari browser engine. You just need to tap-and-hold on that link and in the popup menu select "Open link in Safari".
  • How to compose an email from my iPhone/iPod's contacts?
    iMailG doesn't provide a way to access iOS device's contacts directly because we believe every Gmail lover should have set up the automatic sync with their Gmail account. Here is how - Google Sync: Setting up Google Sync with your iOS device
    And once you've done that, the contacts are seemlessly integrated everywhere.
  • The purchase was rejected with a message "This is not a Test User account" or "Sandbox"?
    1. You are using AppSync on a jailbreak(hacked) iPhone - in this case you need to uninstall AppSync from Cydia; uninstall iMailG; reboot device; reinstall iMailG; then make the purchase. After that, you can install the AppSync back with no problem.
    2. You are an iPhone developer and installing iMailG on your test device. In such case, please log off your itunes account via the settings app->app store->sign off, then reboot the device and try to make the purchase again. Another way to log off is to click the App Store icon, go to Featured tab and scroll to the very bottom, then click the account and sign out.
    Try the #2 even if you were not iPhone developer as sometimes the iTunes would be confused by multiple sign-ins and this is the best way to clear it up.
  • How do I know if a feature/addon is purchased and installed?
    There will be a check-mark besides each purchased and installed feature/addon in the shopping cart. e.g. The PUSH service won't work unless you see a checkmark besides the subscription item.
  • I bought the PUSH subscription but the unread number on the badge is always 5 no matter how many new mails in my inbox, why?

    Check the "PUSH by Label" settings in iMailG via the gear button. Most likely you have set it to "[Gmail]/Important" - meaning it will tell you how many unread mails undert the Important label instead of Inbox. Gmail applies the Important label implicitly based on your action and there may be some mails being marked as Important but somehow got archived without marked as read, thus you can't see them in inbox. This rarely happened when Gmail first introduced the Important label, and should no longer you once fixed.

    To fix this issue, just do a search in Gmail with "is:important is:unread" and then mark all of them read.

  • I got the WARNING (@16) =======>date_default_timezone_get()... in the output of igmailAgent.php, how to fix?
    This is a php warning that you can safely ignore, or you may insert the following line to the 2nd line of igmailAgent.php file(right after the <?php):
    date_default_timezone_set('America/Los_Angeles'); Note you need to change the city to your own city according to the following link: http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php
  • I'm using private PUSH and got the error "Cannot open mailbox .... invalid remote specification..", what's wrong?

    This means your igmailAgent.php scripts cannot reach Gmail server via port 993 (standard Gmail IMAP port). You may need to talk to the network admin to open this port for you or put the agent script in a server with no port restrictions such as DMZ.

  • Google alerts me with suspicous accesses to my Gmail account via IMAP from host after I activated PUSH service of iMailG, what's wrong?

    Hosted PUSH service requires to access your Gmail account periodically in order to notify you whenever new mails arrived to your inbox. The IP address is our PUSH server, where your PUSH service is hosted. Please click YES to recognize that access as valid, or use the unlock CAPTCHA link described in previous FAQ to permanently silence the warning.

    If you still worry about the security (our server is highly secured and protected), you may choose to use the private PUSH as detailed in the PUSH tab.

  • How to download attachments or images?

    For images, you can simply tap-and-hold on the image until a menu pops up, then select "Save Image".

    For other attachments, you can tap-and-hold on the link until a menu pops up and select "open in safari" then download it via the Apple Safari mobile browser (you may be asked to login again in safari to verify your Gmail access).

  • Why the copy/paste is not working on iPad?

    The Gmail API on iPad has a bug that prevents the copy/paste tooltip to show when you do the regular long-tap gesture. However, you can workaround by doing double-tap and long-hold on the second tap for 1s before releasing your finger - the tooltip will show afterwards and you can drag to select/copy/paste as usual.

    This bug doesn't show on iPhone or iPod Touch, only iPad user is affected.

  • Some times the forwarded email text wasn't wrapped properly due to the small working area of Gmail mobile, how to make it right?

    Right now the best workaround is switching to the "Desktop View" and forward/reply emails from there.

  • Does iMailG support Google Apps account?

    Google is enforcing new apps infrastructure to every user starting from Jan 2011. If your account hasn't been transitioned to the new infrastructure, please do so by logging into your Google Apps admin account and follow the instructions on the top banner. After the transition, Google Apps email account will be working the same way as regular Gmail account. You just log in with full email address, including the domain name. Please contact Google Inc. if you had difficulty transitioning your account as it's beyond iMailG's support scope.

    Since iMailG 7.0 we also added the legacy Google App mode. For Google Apps user whose account has not been transitioned to new Google infrastructure yet and some Enterprise user using a non-standard Gmail login page, please fill the corresponding settings field with the web URL that is used when you login on a computer browser. e.g. assuming your domain is abc.com, it could be either https://mail.google.com/a/abc.com or http://webmail.abc.com. Then go back to turn on the "Restart iMailG" option at the bottom.

    Another common workaround is to create a personal Gmail account as proxy, by forwarding all your Google Apps emails to the proxy and also set the proxy account to send emails out as if they were from your Google Apps email address. Then use iMailG to access this proxy account instead. This way you can fully enjoy the offline feature of iMailG that lacks in the legacy mode.

  • How can I disable the PUSH ringtone?

    There are 2 places you can change, either turn off the sound setting in the Notification Center or set the PUSH ringtone option in iMailG settings to "disabled". And for some extreme rare cases, you will have to choose one arbitatry ringtone in iMailG settings first, close the settings screens, close the app after you see the PUSH is successfuly updated, then re-open the app and change the ringtone to "disabled". And this shall permanently disable the push sound.

  • How can I prevent the password from being saved automatically?
    Password saving is part of the offline feature and cannot be disabled. However, it's stored in the highly secured keychain in your iPhone/iPod instead of clear text. You may also turn on the Passcode Protection in iMailG settings to prompt for a 4-digit access code upon every startup to prevent other people gaining access to your Gmail. And this code is also highly secured in keychain.
  • Why I can't find Google Talk link?

    Unfortunately Google is shutting down the web access to the gmail talk feature. Please read details here.